Frequently Asked Questions

What is recruitment week?

Recruitment week is a week filled with events in the beginning of the semester, open to any women who are interested in becoming a potential sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi. Through each event, every potential new member will be able to get further acquainted with the active sisters, and ultimately learn more about what our sorority entails. We encourage any women who are interested to come out and see what our timeless sisterhood has to offer as recruitment week will be filled with food, fun, and lots of laughters. We hope to see you at our future events!

who is recruitment week for?

Recruitment week is for ANYONE! We encourage those that want to learn more about Greek life to attend our recruitment week. We also welcome any incoming freshmen adjusting to college life as recruitment week is a great opportunity to meet new people. 

what are the benefits of joining?

Being a member of our sorority can offer many benefits by: expanding your social and professional network, allowing you to experience personal growth in dealing with a diverse group of women, offering you a chance to challenge yourself in leadership roles, creating friendships through sisterhood that will last a lifetime, and so much more!

Are All events mandatory?

The only mandatory event is the general informational meeting. However, if you are serious about joining it is highly encouraged to attend all events in order to get to know the current sisters more, and learn about what our organization can give to you.  There is no obligation to join if you attend recruitment week.

How much does recruitment cost? 

Recruitment week is completely FREE!

do i have to be asian to join? 

Although we are an Asian-Interest Sorority, this does not mean we are Asian exclusive. Instead this means we envision the same goals, views, and issues about raising Awareness about the Asian Community. Our organization is proud to demonstrate our pillar of Asian Awareness. We welcome women from diverse races, ethnicities, lifestyles, and backgrounds to join!

What are the requirements?

We require all members to maintain a GPA of 2.7 and to be a full-time undergraduate student at Florida State University.


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